Bosconi Records

Founded by Fabio della Torre with the collaboration of Ennio Colaci in nearly 12 years of Bosconi records, with more than 80 releases in the business, all on mostly vinyl, a rich catalog of all kinds, is now recognized as one of the most important recording phenomena of Italian electronics in recent years.


Italian record label founded by Pierluigi Abbonizio in 2016. The purpose is to express a precise state of mind about the music: no money, no fame, just spreading the best and authentic quality sounds. The music offered embraces all the electronic landscape, without bondages to specific brands or styles.

Dreamers Recordings

Dreamers Recordings is a collective vinyl record label based in Berlin. A space for Artist with clear vision and distinct sound. When music and visual arts come together, it is to inspire forward thinking with each other. Time is irrelevant.

Red Rooster Records

Red Rooster is a record label founded and owned by D’Arabia with the help of his partner Dj Rou. Born in Bologna and strictly focused on raw samples and cuts with disco/funk/hiphop/house influences, giving a miscellaneous trick between old and new grooves.