Stefano Cattivera


That critical and pro-active position between Past and Future, an expression of a joint experience between minds, vinyl and body grooves, is a vigor of which Stefano’s dj sets is pregnant from the beginning. It is precisely a continuous blend that is combined with the twin soul of his work from behind two turntables and a mixer: a dynamic profusion of traditional electronic expressions serving a current experience; a turn on the horizon but reverential about the path already traced by decades of history of the genre. Today Stefano actively collaborates with the music platform of Pinacoteca, a small gem of the center of Italy set in the Appenino’s mountains, giving to the numerous audience of his city sounds and frequencies of precious carat and broader views. His selection is also reflected in the offer of the Eagle City Record Shop, a vinyl store he owns in L’Aquila.The House in all its enchanting and historic events is the origin of its sound, from the Classic of Chicago to the Deep of New York, making a desirable ride for the Motor City to then make the stage among the most deserving European realities; all Mothers hearts of the club culture we know today canalized without discrimination between dancefloor and dj booth.