Simon Monti aka Monogram shows a singular attitude towards music since young age, enrolling himself as a percussionist at the conservatory of his hometown, Fermo, in healing Marche’s landscape, Italy. After years spent on xylophone, marimbe and solfeggio, Monogram rises up step by step his current influence for electronic music scene, especially towards house music, thus transferring its metronome mark to its own productions and dj set. His sounds are characterized by beats, mixed with ambient atmospheres, together with pads and percussion that united create a kind of depth that pinpoints its productions. Co-founder of the record label Dancing like Quagmire, project that aims to engage young talents alongside remixes by veteran artists such as Kosme and Kai Alce. Nowadays, Dancing Like Quagmire is stepping up their 4th release, evolving his journey by enhancing differents genre gems by each time. Monogram is preparing few projects for singles EPs releasing in the upcoming month with curious and important collabs behind. Furthermore, he’s half of a duo project with his friend Jackie, called THE HUSH. Already out few months ago with a fresh and deep release for Claque Musique – Formes 001.