Bassa Clan


The past and present of Made in Italy’s house and techno meet in the misty and romantic bassabolognese lancing a direct red line with the evocative MotorCity. Deep, Techno, House, Deep Tech or whatever you want to decide to call it, it is in Detroit’s ancestral and seminal sound that Dino Angioletti and Fabrizio Maurizi found the roots of Bassa Clan project. Born for delight as it often happens to the best things, FROM the pace of jam session on a brisk afternoon TO decisions to follow it and lead to a real record project is short. Fabrizio’s and Dino’s artistic history, so different and distant in its forms as well as close on its content, performs a natural sound metamorphosis in Bassa Clan, merging perfectly the two universes of provenance and making the process completely fluid. The rhythm element, the groove, conceived on the overwhelming analog batteries of the 80s and the enduring sampler of the next decade Akai MPC, makes it decisively masterful; chords, strings, and the remarkable collection of vinyls as an inexhaustible source of sounds and ideas do the rest, giving rise to dirty, warm, and definitely American DNA, but with a personality and a clamor grown on “tortellini and lasagna”. In February 2015, our two opened their ‘vinyl only’ label “Bassa Clan”, now at its fifth release; they are also part of the Howl Records family and have also recently founded the brand new Bolo Represent together with Nudge, Jackie and Dj Cream. They released releases for Cabin Fever and remix for All Inn and Rebirth. So expect an irresistible 4-handed dj set, a real time eclectic journey FROM hell TO heaven and vice versa, led by trusted souls of the Bassa Clan.